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Toughened Safety Glass, Heat Soaked and Toughened Laminate Safety Glass

With the latest in convection furnace equipment and a state of the art laminating machine, we manufacture single flat, tempered safety glass and tempered laminate glass for use in the construction, leisure, domestic and commercial / retail sectors.

Various glass types and thicknesses can be produced from 4mm to 19mm , patterned glass, tinted glass and performance glass such as Pilkington ‘K’ glass, Guardian Climaguard, Saint Gobtain Planithern Low Emissivity glass and solar control / anti sun glass. Combining this facility with our in-house Heat Soaking and RCN Laminating Machine, we have the capability to produce finished glass products up to 40mm in thickness.

The process of Heat Soaking is designed to expose any Nickel Sulphide Inclusions in the glass before it is installed. This is particularly useful for any toughened application where spontaneous breakage could present a risk to the general public. The advantage of toughened laminate glass over standard toughened glass or annealed is its retention even after breaking and the elimination of falling glass pieces.

This characteristic makes it ideal for applications in shopping centres, airports, bus/train stations, hotels or anywhere in the home where you want to maximise light transmission without compromising security or safety.

All toughened products are manufactured in accordance with BSEN 12150 and BSEN 12600. Our heat soaked glass is supplied in accordance with BSEN 14179.

Toughened Laminate Glass

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